Looking for hotels, travel arrangements, meetings and business cooperation has never been so fast, easy and fun.

Easy Fast Travel is not just a booking service but it is much more!

This site is absolutely free and it has risen from the desire to create a virtual community that would enable Tourists, Accommodation Facilities, Operators of the hotel industry (Receptionists, Hoteliers, Waiters, Maître, Cooks, Housekeepers, Porters, etc.) Guides and Restaurants to meet and organize their activities. In fact, from this site you can add images, send messages, open a discussion (Public or private for a private group of people), create a public or private group, chat, send invitations … etc…

All of these features are twofold: in the case of an eventual occasion or business cooperation for the operators in the tourism sector, the tourist receives a better offer!

You are therefore advised to fill in the registration form carefully in order to take full advantage of the potential of this site.

For the representatives of accommodation facilities or hotels: within this virtual space it is possible to create customized pages containing a contact form regarding the availability of rooms.

For information about it click on the following link: Create a customized page. An example of a customized page for hotels is: Hotel Easy.

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